sitting the harder comes flushing his full youthful glow. Stronger he takes the puff of lasting incense, blows it to the heavens and sticks two fingers to those who said naught. Oh so long it has taken, to rest upon the bank and feel the head of burden sink into the repository of his indifference, […]

Queue in the post office, it’s Wednesday. So it’s benefit or disability. – How ye Patrick? said Frank Boyd White – Alright Frank, and yourself? – Aw sure the backs not well and the running water keeps me up at night. I swear I saw a big squirrel last night, said Frank. – Could be […]

June 16th, Dublin, seated outside a regular haunt, Andre Brennan and Salvador Daly ponder a very modern question. What is the appeal of Mumford & Sons? – Surely this is one for old Patrick Hawthorn suggests Andre – Maybe so, but sure he’ll be stuck in with that Joyce crowd today. All wine, cheese and […]

Anyone for streaming music? Well Thom Yorke for one is out. Add Kieran Hebden, Robert Fripp, (insert old artist name), to that list also. I love Spotify and this is why. First, I love music and I love to hear as much as possible. While reading various music books and magazines it’s great to be able […]